Delta Sauce

Delta Sauce

DeltaSauce is an artist based in Texas who joined the art scene in 2021. With a background in sculpting and woodworking, DeltaSauce has transitioned into the world of digital art, creating nostalgic and retro-themed pieces using AI. Their work is known for its focus on technology and the way it has shaped our world. Incorporating elements of modernism and classicism in order to touch on keystone elements of the past.

About Me.

I utilize AI tools to capture glimpses of fond moments of our pasts. Utilizing art to capture memories the way a cinematographer would capture moments in a movie.

Inspired by the 1990s and its big blockbusters, and their ability to capture a memory through cinema, is something that has stuck with me.


Growing up with a dad who was a carpenter, I learned at a young age to both appreciate and love working with my hands. I treat my AI art process in the same manner, and enjoy the ability of turning something incoherent into something beautiful and refined.

My AI art process very much mirrors that of a sculptor, creating something, then taking away elements and then adding in new ones. All while being able to utilize any and all tools you have available to you. Carving away at what the AI has given me to create my vision to set the mood for my works.


I refer to my style as Liminalism. Liminalism is a form of art that is able to capture a period in time. My art has meaning in the form of a vacant space and conveys “a sense of nostalgia, lostness, and uncertainty”.

Each of my works has this is conveyed with the lighting in the pieces and the empty void of people in my works. Each piece resonates with lost memories, and transports the viewer into the art.

Unminted Work

Midnight Snack (2023)

Out of Blur2

Bank of Airdrop (2023)