The Artificial Intelligence Infused Art movement

We are a collective of artists with a goal to share our AI art with the world. We are here to walk in front and and share our knowledge openly with other artists.

The artistic style of the members is in a broad variety, to promote artistic freedom as a counter-culture to the influenced mainstream.

Are you an AI artist? Then join us, push AI out into the world with us. Use the tag #aiia in your posts, spread the word. 

Education, artistic focus, quality, development, trends

One of our main goals is to help each other, elevate each other as artists and there is numerous ways to do this. For instance we will create easy access to info on how to get started with AI, info on art and styles so that you can easily get to study the style you like.

We will also be looking into real life galleries, and we have already had an exhibition live in Rome in the Mecenate Fine Art gallery. Check the video here on the right explaining shortly about the pieces and the artwork we created for the exhibition.